• Program graduates will apply the knowledge and skills gained during their common core, surveying, mathematics, and science communication courses to attain advancement within the surveying profession.
  • Program graduates will be licensed as professional surveyors and be engaged in the professional practice of surveying engineering with high ethical and professional responsibilities.
  • Program graduates will have a deep understanding the of the history of the surveying profession and apply the lessons learned by our forefathers to solve contemporary geospatial problems.
  • Graduates will meet industry expectations in managing ethical, societal, and environmental issues in the practice of surveying engineering technology.

Real-world subjects meant to get you a great job and pass any surveying exam (CST I-IV, SIT, PLS)


  • Boundary
  • Construction
  • Geodetic control
  • Subdivision/land development
  • Topographic
  • Route

Land Surveys Students Will Learn In The Online Surveyor Certificate Program

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